Democratic power?

Tony Benn used to say that Democracy transferred power from the wallet to the ballot.

The Tories have succeeded in transferring it back again.

They work for their funders.

They have literally no other ideas – big or small. Their only big idea, Thatcherism, has turned out not to have worked that well, so keeping power at all costs has become the sole Conservative aim. The ends justify the means.

Identity politics and divide and rule (aka culture wars) are all that is left.

The diaries of former Tory minister, Alan Duncan, spill the beans on the self interest, lack of skill and feeling (except for themselves) – in short what he calls the ‘monstrous egos’ of the Conservatives in power. He had a ringside seat as Johnson’s deputy at the foreign office and comments:

As soon as [Johnson] begins to touch on anything difficult, or is asked a searching question, he bats it away with short sentences and disarming quips.

This man is now our leader – during a pandemic.

It is no wonder that the Conservative government is so dysfunctional.

Additionally Duncan shows that we are ruled by people who, not only do not like us – they do not even like themselves.


  1. Graham -

    Peter Oborne’s book, The Assault on Truth, skewers Johnson’s lies and pins them up for all to see and how he even refuses to correct the lies he tells to parliament, previously a capital offence, now just part of parliamentary politics.

    Unless we are rid of this vile man and his associates soon then the outcome is going to be even nastier than we have yet seen.

    1. Peter May -

      I’m afraid I much agree.

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