Crises? What crises? Government still looks the other way

More worrying news from our justice system and our hospital system.

First the Criminal Bar Association is commencing action on Monday towards a measure of non co-operation with the court service, particularly when asked to accept cases at short notice:

Government has failed to recognise the crisis in the court service despite delays of two years in bringing cases to trial being commonplace. If government had any sense of responsibility – or perhaps that should just be sense – they would realise that justice was one of the three reasons for their existence.

Government likewise has failed to recognise the crises in Accident and Emergency departments and the Ambulance Service such that even the Sunday Times has today given it some prominence:

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In summary then, this Conservative government has failed to recognise two current ongoing and worsening crises. It is probably actually more accurate to say that it has just failed full stop.

It is so self-centred it shows absolutely no sign of recognising the fact – or even a desire to improve.

It is going to be another long week, perhaps for them, but most especially for all of us….


  1. Andrew Dickie -

    And SKStarmer’s response to such a societal (pre-1789, I’d say) crisis?

    Externally, denial about the validity of the Amnesty Report on Israeli apartheid, with apparently internally to the UK, the same denial – or certainly nil response – on the issues (and countless others besides) you have raised, while internally to the Labour Party the ripping up of due process, which suggests he would be little different from Johnson, were he to be PM.

    On the ripping up of due process, see the following:

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