Covid conclusions – such as they are

This will, I think be controversial – as it should be – and is indeed for me.

The video is made by a retired doctor, whose previous job was to train A&E nurses – and his teaching ability shows, for sure, in the video.

The video is about 20 minutes and suggests that the vaccines are not really ‘there’ and we cannot all be having boosters every six months.

Personally I quite agree – and for sure not in the ‘third’ less rich world. So the only answer, for the rich world at least (and, I presume, for those without conditions that make them vulnerable) is to accept the vaccination, which I think most of us have done, and then now to stick around to actually catch Covid…

The reason for that is that further vaccination creates the law of diminishing returns and that vaccination itself, temporarily – but only temporarily – prevents the worst effects as its protection wanes, as we all know.

So whilst you’re still recently vaccinated go ahead and be infected – that should prevent you getting something much worse, simply because the antibodies are much stronger (as explained in the video) from actually catching it rather than having a vaccination…

Whilst it is obvious that the pandemic is not over, do we seem to have entered a new phase of living with Covid. – that is managing the virus, as we do other respiratory illnesses?

Surely we are not managing it – we are letting it run riot – as train cancellations and Easyjet departures attest.

And also the disastrous staff absenteeism in hospitals – as well, of course, as the difficulties that Covid creates in their everyday work.

We are also not tracking or tracing it. That £37 billion for the purpose seems to be nowhere. Local authorities, who usually do this, seem to have no additional funding at all…

Now if Dr Campbell is correct we need to personalise our protection. Which is fine for those of us that are relatively fit. We go around as before – but vaccinated – and have to do that before the vaccine ‘wanes’.

And then hope to catch it.

But what about children?

And what about Long Covid?

For me, basically, he is probably right – but he never made any mention of children or Long Covid – and they are, I suggest, distinctly problematic.


  1. Schofield -

    Where’s this argument going? Two of my children have had Covid twice now despite maximising their vaccination intake. Then I read the other day Long Covid now has 750,000 sufferers in the UK. Surely the better option is to keep topping up your immune system by vaccination as well as the accidental means of infection until such time Covid can be killed stone dead on arrival inside our bodies which I understand historically some vaccinations are capable of doing.

    1. Peter May -

      Think the idea is that the vaccines are not up to providing long term immunity – just usually stop the worst effects. The WHO thinks we need better vaccines, which is the real soution. Dr Campbell seems to me to be offering a way forward when all the current vaccines wane….

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