Coronavirus susceptibility

I have to apologise for the source but this really is the simple case….

As Dr Aseem Malhotra tweeted – as sadly predicted UK data on Covid -19 nearly two thirds in critical care are overweight or obese and 37% UNDER 60. Once we get through this, government must crack down on industry corrupted food guidelines that is killing people.

Of course in effect the obesity “pandemic” is responsible for killing far more people in the end and meanwhile those it doesn’t kill, it condemns to chronic disease… But strictly, obesity isn’t catching – unless by advertising.


The actual report indicates, on a small sample, that this is a not too dissimilar obesity distribution to the general population, but the suggestions are – and so far they are only suggestions – that when we know that men are more prone to Coronavirus and they are also likely to be ‘pear shaped’ and so have more visceral fat around their internal organs, that is generally bad news for any disease…

Now it is no cure for Coronavirus but for Europe (we know, for example that MacDonalds’ largest European market is France) to be so badly affected and a similar problem coming up in all likelihood in the USA – it suggests the food and soft drink industry are, once again, firmly in the dock and, that the Western food industry is both diligently privatising profit and carefree in socialising the cost for both consumers and society.

Promotion and advertising seems to ensure that their dead customers are willingly replaced by younger supplies of living ones.

Once Coronavirus has done its worst, it really will be time for much more government intervention on food guidance as a start…