Convenience Foods

I’ll keep this short – but I would recommend this article in ‘The Grocer’ by food journalist, Joanna Blythman ‘Reformulation does not solve the problem of processed convenience foods.’

She is absolutely spot on – reducing a few select ingredients in what might be called ‘confected’ food, is useless. We need people to cook. And it is not especially difficult and can be cheap – as Jack Monroe has proved.

But we do need to spread that knowledge and the trouble is that that same knowledge is something which unfortunately doesn’t often appear in schools.

It could be easily combined with science, because not only does cooking break down fibres so food is more easily digestible, but also it changes character. That is science. And thus seed oils, which many of us thought were good for us, turn out not to be – because heating turns them in toaldehydes.

In short healthcare must surely learn to treat dietary diseases with er… diet!

As ever vested interests, whether in food or finance, make every endeavour to force through their self interested conclusion to what should be a disinterested democratic argument.

Unfortunately, the interests of capitalism have not so far been controlled by our ‘democracy’.

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