Conservative Party members losing control

Conservative Party accounts have been published, which indicate that they receive twice as much from legacies as they do from their members!
Jokes that Conservative Party members are worth more dead than alive are in terrible taste but still irresistible.

There is speculation that membership costs £25 a year which would give them 33000 members or so. But the Conservatives’ James Cleverly has advised that much of the membership monies remain at local level. Even so, the actual membership is estimated at only about double that.

The worrying part is that in getting almost three quarters of their income from donations the Conservative Party is overdependent on them, which leaves the donors in an unwelcome and powerful position to influence democracy.

The contrast with Labour is stark, although their donations proportion at about one third of income is still, I’d suggest, too large. On the bright side their membership income is apparently the largest ever for any political party.