Competent government

This is an interesting 90 seconds from the New Zealand district of Canterbury:

It shows that British government has done everything in almost exactly the opposite way to New Zealand.

The UK had 64,000 more deaths than usual to May 29, the highest excess death rate in the world.

Yet the business secretary has apparently said today that there were lessons to be learned from those 64,000 excess deaths – without indicating what they were…

I’m inclined to agree with Sir Paul Nurse who is supposed to have said that asking questions of Johnson is like poking a blancmange, it wobbles a bit and then goes back to being a blancmange. Coherent planning seems another world for him. And yet he wonders why he is not fully supported while many (including me) see him as completely unfit for office.

We have a laughably incompetent government, which seems to be orientated towards their own small coterie of beneficiaries.

The trouble is that when we look at the facts the laugh is entirely on us.