Checklist for fascism

Came across this American definition of fascism.

Now of course, it is not definitive or even defining. Yet it brought me up with a shudder.

I think we should beware because in Europe too, many parties are well on the way…

I suggest we should all sit up and take notice.

Inline image
Most of the requirements are, for our government, far too close for comfort. And note, too, some suggestions of the causes….


  1. Bill Hughes -

    Agree, very frightening. Paul Mason in his recent book”Clear Bight Future” is very interesting on the rise of Trump and the alt-right and the insidiuous penetration of neo-liberal thinking and practice in the US and world-wide where rational scientific reasoning is poo- pooed and in its place promotion of irrational anger and submission to the financial oligarchs dominating corporate life and society as a whole.

  2. Peter May -

    That’s also what is also so worrying about Farage – he thinks we’ve been ‘betrayed’ over Brexit and ‘democracy is under threat’ when in fact neither is the case. And it might be more rational to remain – for Ireland this is demonstrably so. The referendum was fraudulent but he ignores that entirely and he will never discuss the detail, because it undermines his emotional rhetoric.

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