Being wanted – even if only by the Police

The piece below is characteristically dishonest from Johnson – not only because he says he is investing in policing when he supported and was a member of a government that actually (should we say?) defunded the Police.

However since he has promised to ‘refund’ them, then by all accounts there are now an extra 4,000 personnel as against the the 21,000 reduction that was the result of Tory cuts. So by my calculation that’s just a mere 17,000 to go.

The tougher sentences Johnson parrots below will not of course materialise unless criminals are caught – and unless there are people to catch them one might surmise they will not actually be caught…

From here on it is probably simplest to highlight the argument of the Secret Barrister showing that the party of ‘law and order’ is anything but..

He first suggests

I can tell you that there has never been as good a time to be a criminal as under @BorisJohnson’s government.

The Gutter Press like to hang ’em and flog ’em, but it never occurs to them that this takes state resources…

As an ex member of the Gutter Press we cannot of course expect Johnson to be different.

But – even if we might think that a more equal social environment would actually most help to reduce crime – the rest of us certainly should certainly consider carefully whether prison works.

I suggest that being caught is easily the best deterrent.

In fact being wanted is important to us all – even when it is actually only by the Police. When there are very few of them there is an actual problem to being wanted.

The whole system is topsy-turvy, for there is little or no evidence for prison working – and actually recidivism is increasing.

Johnson never mentions that of course, though he should understand the word since it comes from the Latin, recidere, to fall back.

Indeed it might even be something he himself is used to….

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