Austerity is insidious

As evidence I’d suggest this ‘spoiler’ from the ‘Secret Barrister’ in reply to Hancock’s proposal that people will risk ten years in jail for failing to declare their proper start point towards their UK destination:


It will take a year to investigate you.

Another six months until your first court appearance.

Another 18 months until your first Crown Court trial.

Another 12 months when that trial is adjourned

And if you’re then found guilty, you’re not getting 10 years in prison.

Isn’t it marvellous when our justice system is so utterly run down by Conservative control that you can threaten all you like but actually it is a completely useless deterrent.

Austerity really is insidious…

Never mind that if you get ten years for breaking travel quarantine rules, what actually should the sentence be for taking almost a full year to introduce them?


  1. brian faux -

    Actually I personally would see the almost certain loss of time, money etc to be enough of a deterrent even without the threat of being banged up.
    I suppose however for the super rich this would mainly be an inconvenience to be dealt with by lawyers.

    1. Peter May -


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