Are ‘the Excluded’ simply the liberal elite?

Gina Miller has an interesting article in the ‘I’ entitled “Covid-19 financial aid: Why is the chorus of support for the forgotten three million falling on deaf ears?”

It is a worthy question which she tries to answer herself:

based on conversations with politicians who follow the same ideological beliefs concerning the economic, social and political theory – and when I joined the dots, a picture began to emerge. 

She comes to conclusions which surprised me:

First she suggests that government is concerned about the “ascent of the middle-class…threatening those who believe in autocracy.”

Second that government are squeezing the middle, hard, in order to preserve their own privilege and deny others further progress. This would indeed be a typical technique for the mediocre (a description which sums up the entirety of this government) who often see any questioning of their own position as shining a bright light on their own inadequacies.

Third, as many of this group are female it is a desire to see many more women stay at home to look after the family.

As she says these conclusions are the result of speaking to politicians, I’ve no reason for doubt, but if this is what governing MP’s actually think then we really are in a worse state than I imagined.

The government must presumably consider that this ‘three million’ sector is part of the ‘liberal elite’ which, as a broad brush, may perhaps hold some validity. I imagine they therefore think they are Labour voters – so not worth looking after?

Not only does this display Conservative callousness which seems now to be simply a core Conservative policy, but once many of these people have spent the entirety of their savings in order to support themselves, or been subject to the punitive, arbitrary, five week wait for universal credit, I would have thought there is a real risk of radicalising increasing numbers of the electorate together with their friends and relations. When combined with precipitously rising joblessness and increasing company failures this may not be a happy place for Conservatism in a year’s time.

It is amazing hubris that the government ignores this.

Perhaps when lockdown eases, they may not be able to.

But I still worry that they might.


  1. Jim Osborne -

    Indeed they might…..and that is a very real possibility because there is no organised opposition. Labour are just hanging on the Tories’ coat tails. Not for the first time in history are social democrats going to end up being the gatekeepers for fascism because they are a gutless, sectarian and ideologically compromised tendency. Instead of providing leadership (which of course requires some clear vision) they just sit on the fence in case they “scare the horses”.

    1. Peter May -

      I agree – at least Corbyn had – and still has – a vision. And the scared horses are mostly the Daily Mail and their hangers on..

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