Absolute power depends on our outdated voting system

I feel obliged to point out, since I really think we must beware of our new government, that on a vote of only 44% of the actual voters, it has, as a result of our absurd voting system, been delivered power which is likely to be absolute.

The old adage of absolute power corrupting is so true and although many suggest a written constitution is the solution, it is decidedly not! In fact what we need is a proper proportional voting system giving power to every voter, rather than overwhelming power to the largest minority of voters who proceed to dictate to the rest of us.

The worst case scenario is, rather frighteningly – if in a rather gentlemanly fashion – outlined below:


  1. Bill Hughes -

    When you think after a decade of Tory rule (supportedby Liberals and DUP) and they are still on 44% after the disaster of austererity, Brexit shambles, ignorance of the cimate crisis……………..?!

    1. Peter May -

      I agree – it’s astonishing.

  2. Andrew Dickie -

    Here’s the Electoral Reform Society’s take on our recent election:


    Case made, I would say.
    The supporters of FPTP say it’s strength is that it produces strong governments, to which I say:

    a) Not the experience of the last decade;
    b) I don’t want strong governments, but WISE ones, and believe countries with PR voting have often (usually?) experienced wiser governments than have we. PR encourages cooperation, as is the norm in the Parliament from which we will shortly be excluded, the European Parliament.

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