The only fascist state where the trains do not run on time…

If the UK is not a failed state it seems well on the way to a fascist one, now that the Lords has voted down amendments that would disallow the Electoral Commission to be supervised by a government minister – a scheme that the Electoral Commission itself argued against.

Photographic identity is to be compulsory when voting despite there being no evidence of any voter impersonation or identity problem and the system is likely to cost £18million a year (how are they going to pay for it?)

The result is that it will allow the possibilty of political interference in the regulation of UK elections…

The Policing and Crime Bill has received Royal Assent and with it goes our freedom to protest peacefully as we might wish along with yet a further erosion of our democracy. A very dark day for UK civil liberties.

And if these measure look like fascist methodology that’s simply because they are.


  1. Paul Wright -

    Mr Schofield, whilst house prices continue to rise, facilitating draw down money for smart cars, holidays in the sun, house extensions and regular Amazon deliveries, my street of neighbours will continue to vote conservative.
    People forget that John Major & Co presided over the last real UK property crash in the early nineties ( actually caused by Lawson) , the Tories accordinly were dumped out of office. The chaotic interest rate oscillations did for houseowners and the tories. Yes, i’m that old, and yes I lost my house.
    It will take something similar to methinks to dislodge this lot of Tories and my neighbours. It is unthinkable that Sunak or any other Tory chancellor will use the fiscal triggers to control asset inflation, IHT, capital gains, council tax, etc, neither will they use interest rates, since they are the golden goose.
    Consequently I cannot see a way out of this constant asset price spiral, the endless housing crisis for the many, and continuing Conservative rule. Sadly my neighbours in this leafy suburb could not care less about the lies, constitutional dismemberment, voters rights, nor privatisation of the NHS after all the uplift in house prices can cover all.
    Pass the Gin Martha…

    Regards, thanks Peter and Mr Schofield for your spirited words.

    Its all very well that interest rates

  2. ChrisK -

    What worries me is the childish attitudes of the British public in being unable to see through this pack of lies and deceitfulness promulgated daily by the Tories.
    How can we stop this when the vast majority are not interested in politics ans consider Johnson to be a “character”.

    1. Schofield -

      The rot set in when Margaret Thatcher discovered in the Tory conference of 1983 she could get away with the lie that government has no money of its own.

      The British electorate were stupid enough or rather should I say so economically and monetarily illiterate they believed her.

      From that point on the Tories knew they could get away with any half plausible lie and so we’ve arrived at the dire point of having Boris Johnson for prime-minister, a serial liar.

      Of course it has taken the arrival of MMT for more thoughtful members of the electorate to realise both the government and licenced banks create money from nothing. Too late, of course, to stop an austerity influenced Brexit to gain referendum assent!

      1. Peter May -

        As she said the object is to change heart and soul – the method is economics.
        We’ve got to change it back again – and there is no doubt that is an uphill task with a right wing government of liers and cheats and a complicit media.
        My view is that we shouldn’t bother changing economics, which will surely collapse under climate warming but we do need to point out how government works.

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