The noise of government ‘playing’ us

According to this shameful article by Housing Secretary and three houses Robert Jenrick, who has even now, failed to resolve the cladding crisis caused by the Grenfell Tower fire, nonetheless now he has time, in the middle of this pandemic, to turn his attention to the important matter of statues and streetnames as written up in this week’s Sunday Telegraph (click to enlarge):

Apparently these matters are under threat from:

The decree of a town hall committee of militants and woke worthies

Even though Birmingham City Council, for example, has specifically denied his allegations.

We live in a country that believes in the rule of law.

Even though Jenrick gave the law scant regard when he unlawfully approved Desmond’s £1 billion luxury housing development on the Isle of Dogs – whilst failing to disclose vital evidence.

Then he is of course, part of a government that failed to follow the rule of law when it tried, via the UK Single Market Bill, to reverse a treaty it had signed just months before.

…campaigners have set their sights on Nelson’s column…it is happening under Labour councils and mayors across the country now…personally encouraged by Keir Starmer…

All of these assertions are unsurprisingly, completely evidence free.

I am changing the law to protect historic monuments…proper process will now be required

Oh the irony of “proper process” now being required – it always was! And Jenrick – who better? is going to deliver that “proper process”…

Of course Telegraph readers will lap it all up uncritically but the noise it helps to create in the mainstream media also helps this government minister to sidestep issues of significance and to nurture identity politics. We need not to oppose our government ministers’ incompetence and corruption but concentrate on our local town hall militants – all of whom have done their best in the face of being stripped of their resources by his own government.

He is doing nothing constructive in this article, indeed it contains little that is true. But there are shovel-loads of insinuation, misleading assertions and gaslighting.

We have, it appears, to expect nothing better from a minister of housing, in charge of an area in which so much both before and during this pandemic is of course, going so wonderfully right.

He is so obviously working not for us but for himself.


  1. Richard B -

    Jenrick is the living embodiment of Sir Humphrey’s assertion that Govt. ministries/departments are the gravestones that mark the passing of their subject.

    I looked up ministers from the Thatcher/Major era who went to prison and immediately came across this statement “statistically MPs are more likely to have a criminal conviction than the average member of the public”.

    Why do we keep electing such obvious crooks?

    1. Peter May -

      I wonder too.

      Trouble is the current lot seem adept at avoiding jail…

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