The highest level of special

I was struck by the recent handholding – well three fingers (probably better than two) holding with Donald Trump.

What on earth was the attachment to our dear leader’s arm? It is reminiscent of one of those anti-theft devices that supermarkets attach to their most expensive bottles of whisky. So I wondered who was so determined that Donald Trump shouldn’t steal her? Was Phillip really worried he wouldn’t get back from putting out the bins in time? Or could it be a left over from that ‘strong and stable’ election implant?

In fact, if I understand correctly, it is a continuous glucose sensor, to control Theresa May’s diabetes.

And I’m also told it is not available on the NHS.



  1. Ivan Horrocks -

    Very amusing, Peter. When May first met Trump in the US we were told that the hand holding was because Trump has a fear of stairs/steps. I note that Andrew Marr – in his less than forensic interview with May – did at least bring up the hand holding and told her that it makes her look weak (which it does). He did ask given Trumps comments on and treatment of women how did that make her feel. Personally, I’d much rather he’d asked her how it’s possible to do business with a man who lies constantly – well over 2000 times and counting since he’s been President – and frequently denies he said something even though there’s visible evidence to prove he did. So, I supsect the ‘highest level of special’ only lasted for as long as it took him to get to Scotland – and certainly not now he’s meeting that REALLY specially person – the only head of state he hasn’t said one bad word about before or since becoming President. Of course, we all know why that is, though sadly the truth may not out until Trump has done all the damage that Putin would wish for – and more. Still, at least temporarily while in the shadow of Trump May looked like a paragon of virtue. I doubt she’ll ever get a chance to meet him again as PM of the UK.

  2. Andrew -

    As a point of information, the equipment for continuous glucose monitoring is available the NHS, where clinically indicated in accordance with NICE guidelines.

    Whether Mrs May qualifies under those guidelines, or pays for her own monitors, is neither here nor there.

    I’m sure you are trying to make a serious point here, but diabetes is no laughing matter.

    1. Peter May -

      Quite so. Thank you.
      I seem to have been misinformed and I’m delighted it IS available on the NHS.
      Certainly diabetes is no laughing matter, as you say – although I would certainly suggest that the government by taxing not only sugary, but also- importantly, for the immediate future- sugary substitute, drinks, could do much more to prevent it – that is Type 2 diabetes…
      Oh dear…. Which I should indicate that Theresa May has type 1 – and it is probably related and the cures are somewhat similar.

  3. Graham -

    While we’re on the character of Trump there was a very worrying article in the FT Magazine at the weekend investigating Trump’s connections with “dirty” money. In short, after several financial disasters he decided to pursue an alternative means of raising finance using his “Brand” as a means of attracting “free-floating” funds looking for a safe home and eschewing the usual due-diligence on the source of these funds. The kind of people he did business with may leave him seriously compromised.

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