Normality is the problem

Most will be aware of recent large demonstrations in Chile in favour of greater equality. These often comprised around a million people – a remarkable turnout in a country with a total population of about 19 million. Demonstrators were met with violent military intervention and curfews.

The state of emergency has now been rescinded and the Chilean president Sebastián Piñera has attempted to move the country on from social unrest by saying that it will return to ‘normality’.

This led to the projection of this reply on the side of a building in Santiago, Chile’s capital:

The translation is “We will not return to normality because it was normality that was the problem.”

Britain it seems to me, has a similar difficulty – it is obsessed by Brexit when the social divide is ever more important and when anything state run is denuded of resources. In effect for the last decade our government has persistently strived to strip out many of the foundations of civilised life. Which we are consistently assured we cannot afford.

That should not be normal.

Brexit is pointless and has become a very useful distraction.

Johnson wants to get Brexit done and then get on with his domestic agenda – though what that is exactly is pretty sketchy

Labour are right to give Brexit bottom billing and park it for a people’s vote in six month’s time.

People need first to be given hope on a radical domestic policy that does indeed promote foundations for a civilised life.


  1. Andrew (Andy) Crow -

    Labour needs to get its collective head round the real benefits that can flow in the short term and long term from the Green New Deal thinking.

    GND is the epitome of a new normal.

    It constitutes a different way of thinking about the entire economy.

  2. Peter May -

    Agree – but I also think at a basic level people want to feel more equal too. That is actually badditional to GND, I’d suggest.

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