More public transport going free

In the UK we seem to have been granted a semi- permanent fuel duty freeze, whilst, unbelievably, “rail travellers in Britain prepare for tickets to cost 3.1 per cent more in 2019.” Meanwhile the ‘Independent‘ has discovered, in an interesting article, that Luxembourg is likely to implement entirely free public transport from next summer.

In addition to the long standing free bus service in the small French town of Châtauroux, the larger urban area of Dunkerque has recently introduced its own completely free bus service.

I do hope the ‘Lexiteers’ are listening.

Perhaps it is just the ‘Bloody EU forcing us to make our public transport free’?

Or could it be the start of another Universal Basic Service?



  1. Jennifer (aka Jeni, Havantaclu) Parsons -

    This would be most useful in rural areas as well as urban. Many elderly people no longer drive, so would find a free bus service to the nearest town for shopping very welcome – it’s often awkward having to ask neighbours, and the price of taxis, if available, means that even basic shopping can become very expensive!

  2. Peter May -

    Agreed, although rural transport can be problematic because of the scant numbers of potential travellers – but if it were free at least more would use it.

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