Make lying in the House of Commons a criminal offence

For anyone who hasn’t seen this petition, personally, I suggest that this is well worth signing .

Why on earth directly lying to the House of Commons should not be made a criminal offence needs some considerable explaining (not least by the speaker)….

Here is the link to sign the Parliamentary petition.


    1. Peter May -

      Many thanks – don’t know why the link was incorrect – have now, I hope corrected it.
      And thank you for providing the failsafe version!

  1. Ron Tocknell -

    Thank you for promoting this. Boris Johnson says the public “don’t care” about his lying. On April 1 (yeah, I know. It might take ’em a while to live that down) The Independent published an article “Nobody can be bothered to care about Johnson’s lying anymore…”.
    Well, it would seem that (at the time of posting) over 126,000 of us beg to differ.

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