Less likely to be imprisoned in Victorian times than today

An intriguing but rather depressing item on education and prisoners has appeared…..

We mostly probably know that today about half of our prisoners are functionally illiterate. According to this linked ‘Guardian’ article:

half of the 85,000 people currently incarcerated have a reading age of 11 or lower – with 20% falling well short of that mark. Many prisoners are completely illiterate.

Look at this election flyer from Bradford in 1894/5 – Have we progressed 115 years later?

So from 0.06% of the population in prison in the 1890s we have approximately 0.15% of the population in prison today.

Absolutely amazingly, things were better in Victorian times.

And we seem not to have been able to offer adequate education to a significant and growing number of society’s members for over a century.

Does our government know this, spending the lowest amount in recent times, as they now are, on education?

You are forced to sincerely wonder – do the Etonians even care?