Johnson will never resign

Yet, Conservative MP Jonathan Gullis says that he and his colleagues in the 1922 Committee yesterday were asking the Prime Minister questions about rebuilding trust.

Fat chance. Trust is irrelevant to Johnson, who has proved beyond any doubt that he is in it for himself.

The country, the Conservative party, Wine Time Fridays and everything else are merely supporting acts for his desire to become – and remain – ‘king of the world’.

Nothing else matters.

The fact that Conservative MPs support this is to their everlasting shame.

It shines a bright light on the UK’s completely broken constitution which is unlikely to be able to restrain Johnson’s continuing authoritarianism or prevent him from explaining away the next egregious scandal or instance of corruption.

Meanwhile the opposition, as well as undoing all of the Tory repressive anti- protest legislation, needs to have a constitutional plan to ensure this executive overreach is much, much more difficult next time.

Talking about it now would give people hope that, for the future, a vote for the opposition is a vote for sanity.

So where exactly are the plans?


  1. Graham -

    Where indeed. PR would be a necessary if not sufficient start. But the Labour leadership aren’t interested and nor are they interested in working with other parties to keep the Torie out. (In Scotland we have the grotesque sight of Labour councillors doing deals with the Tories to gain power)

    Labour seem still to want power for its own sake – much like the Tories.

    1. Peter May -

      That worries me too.
      But now more of the unions are on board it is highly likely Labour will be obliged to adopt PR.
      I certainly hope so.

  2. Schofield -

    What worries me more is that the UK is in a downward economic spiral out of widespread monetary ignorance. Already in comment sections voters are saying the government’s policy announced today to bailout the poor on the inflation crisis will automatically result in increased taxes or government borrowing.

    Effectively this ignorant mentality means the public services will continue to get gutted when they need to be expanded particularly in education and healthcare to help British exports since we are not self-sustaining as a country. The healthcare is important because anyone thinking of starting an business whether for exporting or not will want to know they are covered for healthcare both for themselves and any family they might have.

    I find unbelievable that so many voters can’t engage in joined-up thinking and ask themselves where their employers, whether private or public, get the money from in the first instance as a created entity to pay their wages. It’s as though we have lobotomised or zombie voters in the country who simply can’t do simple logic! Tell them the government and licenced banks create it from thin air and they refuse to believe it whilst simultaneously being unable to tell you who can create it and how. That really is a definition of heading for a shipwreck!

    1. Peter May -

      There is now a full blown academic paper from UCL (see next blog post) which will help….

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