Health to me – but not government

With those toe-curling pictures of Johnson toasting health, while Britain was in full lockdown and many were not allowed to visit dying relatives, we have established that there is absolutely nothing in government’s so called accountability….

We have now the probability of the Metropolitan Police not having investigated Partygate as comprehensively as they could in order to avoid upsetting number 10.

This comes from Liberal Democrat Lord, Brian Paddick, former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

Britain is supposed to be the birthplace of the separation of powers – if never in writing – and, if this is, indeed, the origin then the truth is that it is palpably no longer the case.

For this is the same Police Service that decided, after referral by the Electoral Commission (who actually established that Vote Leave had committed serious offences in the referendum campaign and had suggested the maximum possible fines) decided instead not to prosecute.

This is ‘institutional corruption‘ writ large.

The solution?

I can only borrow from the French system, which has ‘competing’ police forces as some protection against individual overreach.

It is certainly not entirely effective and suffers from a lack of local accountability. So I think I have to suggest that in future government investigations should be based on the Police amalgamations that take place in the Regional Organised Crime Units’ (actually internet orientated) investigations.

This, I would hope, should slightly upset the Police as well as the government – both of which are, I suggest, desirable…

If each investigation were spread around (perhaps the Premium Bond’s Ernie could be tasked with an additional function?) …

…That would mean that the investigations were from random Police Regional Organised Crime Units and there was considerably reduced ‘cosiness’ between Police and government, and that we might actually inspire Police objectivity as well as also embodying government accountability.

I can hope…


  1. Schofield -

    Rip Van Winkle voters fast turning the country into Putin land!

    1. Peter May -


  2. Schofield -

    No. 10 Downing Street the UK address with the most Covid breaches – says it all doesn’t it!

    1. Peter May -


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