Five a day is a marketing fiction

As I’m sure more assiduous readers will be aware, I’ve already pointed out that ‘five a day’ is a marketing fiction.

Building on this, there is a half hour podcast from the ever interesting nutritionist, Zoe Harcombe, which is from November last and which I have only just discovered. It seems to me it is well worth highlighting. She has interesting things to say on cholesterol and its supposed goodness or badness and I think we should all note the bit about the supposed charity Heart UK ..

This is the ‘simple as fat’ link where she is interviewed. I suggest it is well worth any spare half hour you have.


  1. Andrew (Andy) Crow -

    The problem with advice on nutrition is that there is so much of it.

    Increasingly I ignore ALL of it. Especially if it bears any stamp of official ‘authority’ 🙂

    The tobacco will probably kill me eventually, but I don’t pretend that has any more to do with nutrition than potato crisps and ‘energy’ drinks.

    As a rule of thumb; if its packaging litters the streets it isn’t a foodstuff it’s a marketing scam.

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