Egos ‘r’ us

Should really be the motto of the Conservative Party.

Not only have they drawn up a ‘smearing manual’, full of falsehoods and half-truths to use against both Labour and the LibDems, but they also have threatened to review Channel Four’s broadcasting licence, because the Channel not unreasonably, chose to replace Johnson’s non appearance with a melting ice sculpture, to mimic the ice caps.

Tom Watson’s letter to Ofcom neatly outlines the problem:

The Tories are so self-obsessed that they cannot see that making such a threat is fascist, not democratic.

It was in 2004 that Johnson wrote that Labour believe they have a monopoly on virtue and on caring and that they somehow have an ideological freehold upon the NHS.” On the basis of current evidence, Labour were absolutely correct in their beliefs. Conservatives really don’t seem to care.

Tories appear to see their political careers as essential entitlement, which should also be preparation for when the day arrives that they lose office. They will by then have already prepared some sinecure where rent extraction can keep them extra comfortably till the end of their days.

In order to achieve this, the end justifies the means.

This highlights the real difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson: the one is interested in policy while the other is interested in self.

A branch of Egos ‘r’ us on every high street is not a plan for a happy, well-functioning society.


  1. Richard Bond -

    Oh I think they know full well its Fascist. They are now the English National Party in all but name.

    1. Peter May -

      They do seem to be. Interesting that it’s Tom Watson’s letter – supposed to be a right winger – and of course, not restanding, who has written….

      1. Andrew Dickie -

        Peter, I have lots of disagreements with Tom Watson, as, for example, his uncritical support for LFI, and what it stands for, but no one can take away his concern for justice, and his willingness to stand up in its cause.

        The letter is the logical, even if unexpected in its timing, product of that approach, which is why I voted for him to be Deputy Leader, although afterwards I wished I’d voted for one of the female
        candidates, as balance at the top of an organisation, and ineed all the
        way through, is a valid objective.

  2. Richard Bond -

    The shop logo could be the symbol for ego – a square containing a circle. The outward conventionality and the emptiness within.

    1. Peter May -

      Like it!

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