Dysfunctional Britain

Unaccustomed as I am to reading the ‘Spectator’, I think this article worth highlighting. It not only draws attention to an informative book, ‘Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain’, recounting the author, James Bloodworth’s experiences in Britain’s ‘gig’ economy, the ‘Spectator’ article actually thinks it is worth sending to the Prime Minister. The Spectator… Read more

The government, by definition, owes a duty of care

I wonder if it is possible for those MP’s who consider many of their constituents to be lazy, scrounging, thieving, irresponsible and generally feckless, to be in a position to understand any of the consequences of their policies. To judge by a recent ‘Guardian’ report this is actually the only possibility that seems remotely comprehensible:… Read more

The Old for the Young – or Pensions for the Future?

There is much publicity about the University Pensions strikes. A solution has been suggested by Alexander Douglas Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of St. Andrews, who puts forward a government guarantee for the University Superannuation Service (USS). It sounds like self serving advocacy but he also suggests good reasons that this could be opposed including,… Read more

Diversity is Key

I’ve for some time been trying to advocate much greater diversity in the UK economy and I’ve often linked to this research, which suggests that economically diverse countries are more prosperous. To quote directly: inequality lives within a range of values that are determined by your underlying industrial structure. Which, being translated, means that if… Read more

Money trading and its part in our downfall – perhaps

Although its author still thinks, mistakenly, that banking is based on the fractional reserve system, the article “Why it’s time we manufactured money as we manufacture goods” contains some interesting observations – not least a title which rather echoes the piece ‘Welcome to the Money Factory’! He writes: It is apparent that money is simply… Read more

Can you have too much education?

When Charles Adams posted “unless we stop thinking of education as a commodity, we will fall behind.” it set me thinking whether we should be offering a tertiary education as of right. Historically and indeed up until quite recently we have been gradually raising the school leaving age and now it is in effect 18… Read more