Brexit without end

I have sympathy with the ‘Deltapoll’ quoted here, where 2049 people (I suspect that must have been the maximum number of UK adults they could persuade to answer…) when asked the really quite logical question “Do you think Brexit will ever end?” 41%, the majority, thought it would, 35% thought it wouldn’t and 24% didn’t… Read more

Selling by the left

I confess I am not usually a fan of Jacobin, which often seems to me, to overstate its case. However there is an interesting article here where I have some considerable sympathy. The article points out the initial joy of the Barrack Obama election success. The author starts: I came to my politics the way most… Read more

The rise of economics as a method of control

This from the Economist of 29 August reviewing an American book, “The Economists’ Hour”, by Binyamin Appelbaum, which I thought historically instructive:. Few economists worked at the Federal Reserve in the early 1950s. Those who were on the staff of America’s central bank were relegated to the basement, at a safe remove from the corridors… Read more

The constitutional future

I confess that I consider The Queen was very ill-served by her advisors (private secretary?) in granting prorogation of Parliament so readily to Johnson. She is supposed to make her decisions in conjunction with the Privy Council, but it turns out only two of them – both from the government – were there. ls it… Read more