Not so healthy

An interesting article on the Health Committee’s recent report suggests that privatisation is not as simple as we’re encouraged to believe by this and previous government’s. In an earlier blog I suggested that donors were unduly influencing our ‘democracy’ and here is an instance – the Tory Party has received donations, it is suggested, from… Read more

Conservative Party members losing control

Conservative Party accounts have been published, which indicate that they receive twice as much from legacies as they do from their members! Jokes that Conservative Party members are worth more dead than alive are in terrible taste but still irresistible. There is speculation that membership costs £25 a year which would give them 33000 members… Read more

UK & EU youth unemployment

Christian Soegaard is at the University of Warwick and his unemployment statistics are interesting. If you are of the view that the devil makes work for idle minds then they may throw some light on, among other things, UK youth crime. The UK’s youth employment rate at number 14 out of the EU 28 meants… Read more