Champagne evidence

As it’s very nearly Christmas it might be rather interesting to look at French Champagne imports! The chart below shows the top five importers of Champagne in millions of 75cl bottles in 2017: Britain, with about a fifth of the population of the US, manages pole position and to drink more than the US. And… Read more

Belief in Brexit

Dr Robert Saunders of Queen Mary College, London has a very good take on the thinking of the Brexiters and how it is not so much delusions of empire that motivates them, but delusions of capability. He calls it “The Tinkerbell Theory of History”. Tinkerbell was a flawed fairy character from ‘Peter Pan’ who was… Read more

Remain & Reform

I’m impressed with a Paul Mason article in the ‘New Statesman’ in which he suggests that Labour should coalesce around remain and actually have a radical agenda for EU reform. Hurray for that. Remain and reform is what so many of us have wished for… He suggests that reform would be easier if we revoked… Read more