NI GE19 (7) Predictions

Prediction is the surest way of making an idiot of oneself, but it is fun nevertheless. The predictions will be made impartially but from a Remain viewpoint. Thus, the best-case scenario is for a Remain candidate to win and the worst-case, a Leave candidate. Alliance and SDLP candidates count as a point each, SF 0.5… Read more

Brown on Corbyn

Obviously (see the poppy) not an up to date video – but I am awestruck by the incisiveness, intelligence and coherence. How very last decade… and how it is now missed. In the circumstances, Gordon Brown’s opinion is worthy of some considerable note, I suggest. Brown seems to be seriously heading towards the money out… Read more

Slag heap talking

This slogan has appeared entirely appropriately on a slag heap in Midsomer Norton in Somerset. Although he is better known as an ‘investment banker’, the Rees-Mogg wealth was of course based on the North Somerset coal mines, which was where his inherited fortune originates…. Read more

The comments on Labour anti-semitism are harmful to Jews

I’m sure most readers will agree wholeheartedly with the point David Graeber is making below – but I do think we should spread it around. After all, with half a million Labour Party members, just statistically, some anti-semites will probably be among them. But it pales into insignificance compared with Conservative Islamophobia for example –… Read more