Lessons from the Local Election results

English Results   The English election results were disastrous for the Tories, loosing 1,334 seats. Expectation management was that they may loose 1000 seats, which was considered the worse case scenario. UKIP also had a terrible night, loosing 145 seats. The main beneficiaries were the Lib Dems gaining 703 seats, the Greens 194 seats and… Read more

Taxing meat

I usually like Richard Murphy’s ideas – but not this one: under his Tax to Save The Environment  he is in favour of taxing meat.  This is principally, as I understand it, because cattle, sheep and goats, owing to their ruminant stomachs, emit significant quantities of methane. Now I haven’t established whether he thinks horses,… Read more

President for the Rich

There have been many recent reports of the generosity of several of France’s richest families giving to the fund that has been set up to rebuild Notre-Dame. Bernard Arnault of LVMH gave €200m and even put his own creative, architectural teams at the state’s disposal. His son, Antoine, was quoted as saying “As caretakers of… Read more

Do Economists know anything?

I attended a short lecture with this provocative title and you may guess the answer from the length of this piece…. A more detailed conclusion was really the old one – yes, but more and more about less and less. Everyone was studying such specialist fields that they had lost sight and certainly understanding of… Read more

Extinction Rebellion, the Police purpose – and us

According to the most recent ‘Sunday Times’, the joint founders of the Extinction Rebellion, Roger Hallam of King’s College, London and Gail Bradbrook, have spent the last three years researching one hundred years of reform movements and were convinced that the overwhelming evidence for successful reform came about by peaceful protest. Good for them. Instictively,… Read more

A bank holiday with purpose?

The graph below (click to enlarge) shows how poorly endowed the UK working population is with bank holidays: This set me thinking -isn’t it time we encouraged voting by issuing a bank holiday every time there is a vote, so everyone is encouraged to do their democratic duty? We can see that bottom- ranking UK… Read more