Creating full employment is the real Job Guarantee

There was an interesting discussion on Universal Basic Income here form the ‘Basic Income Conversation’ and in particular, of course how it would be paid for. Actually, I have already discovered that a straightforward basic income is simple to ‘pay for’ when conventionally required. But this discussion was especially with regard to new monetary thought… Read more

Not all money is equal

As many will know I’m an ‘amateur economist’. And happy to be amateur as I think that if the economy is important, then anyone interested should be able to understand it. Yet I’ve long been mystified by some of the terms used with regard to money. In particular ‘Exogenous’ and ‘Endogenous’ money….. And these turn… Read more

The French will have to build a wall …

If Brexit in fact is actually happening – and so far it seems it is – then unsurprisingly, its spirit is gradually dying of its own contradictions. Immigration is just one area when taking back control means actually relying on the co-operation of the er, French. True we already rely on French co-operation, but that… Read more