This is a word that Labour Party members often seem to use as a substitute for goodbye – or even hi! Quite why I don’t understand. But I wish they wouldn’t… It is certainly true that we need more solidarity in our communities – but in English it is unusual for an abstract noun to… Read more

Practical problems for universal income

My recent encounters with the New Economics Foundation lectures lead me to highlight some more of the ideas of Eric Lonergan. For he is, unsurprisingly in the country’s current predicament, in favour of a monthly cash handout (as I understand it as long as the lockdown lasts) to everyone to ensure the economy doesn’t collapse… Read more

Local government has been sold down the river..

In spite of the Conservatives ‘levelling up’ there seems very little desire to reinvigorate local control. Indeed this current government seems positively in fear of local control- as would appear to be indicated by their loose rhetoric to ‘do whatever it takes’ yet all local government finds it difficult to get their rightful allocation of… Read more