Gang culture for toffs? understanding the right wing mind – part three

Sanna Marin, the Finnish Prime minister, who I’ve referred to previously, also has another good quote: I have never thought about my age or gender. I think more about the motivations that brought me into politics. Here is somebody concerned not about her interest group (or ‘gang’), but fired up about why she wants to… Read more

‘Unleashing the potential’ of individuals entails continuing education

Yet the ‘Guardian’ reports that 3.8 million fewer people are in adult education compared to the beginning of the decade. This is of course, the inevitable result of austerity, though how spending less on education can ever represent good value for anyone, let alone a currency issuing government is quite beyond me. How much more… Read more

The competitive insecurity of money as a religion

‘Le Monde’ and also – in more detail – the ‘New York Times’ have reported on President Macron’s interesting recent efforts in West Africa. Macron has persuaded the ex French West African colonies to abolish their previous ‘CFA’ currency, requiring 50% of foreign currency reserves to be kept in the French Treasury (who knew?). A… Read more