Corruption at the heart of the state

I don’t usually quote from the Times but even they say – in relation to the recent National Audit Office report: Amid accusations of cronyism, government auditors found that suppliers with links to politicians were ten times more likely to be awarded contracts than those who applied to the Department of Health and Social Care…. Read more

Health is made at home, hospitals are for repairs

Is the wonderful title of an article, concerning his own book, in the ‘New Local’ by Nigel Crisp former CEO of the NHS, and now a crossbench peer. He says: I argue in the book that we need to think about health differently and recognise that health creation plays an important role alongside health services… Read more

Victims of the “the overwhelming might of the state”

This is a quote from Rishi Sunak, who is profiled in ‘Tatler’, which although I feel sure absolutely all our readers subscribe to, I will offer the link nonetheless. When your Chancellor is in ‘Tatler’ you have to realise that he has arrived – even if none of the rest of us has. (The article… Read more

A sort of sweet revenge

There is a pretty devastating criticism from Joanna Blythman in the Grocer here on how obesity is driven by carbohydrates but encouragingly: The low-carb diet market is expected to grow by 6.4% by 2027.  I do hope it does…The food trade can no longer say that they don’t know about carbohydrate dangers and indeed Dr… Read more