Brexit Project Fear is the Reality of an own goal – if not two or three

We have met this regretful, leave voting fish merchant before – he now thinks he’s ‘stuffed’, poor chap. Basically by carrying fish from several exporters in one load – his transport agent has warned him that if a mistake with his paperwork leads to the truck being turned back at the border he will be… Read more

‘Money we owe to ourselves’

It appears that a Financial Times survey found investors believe the central bank’s quantitative easing programme is a thinly veiled attempt to finance the government’s deficit to keep its borrowing costs down. They seem to feel they’ve been ‘had’. The City would much rather government borrowing costs went up of course, but charts like this… Read more

Whither free broadband?

According to John McDonnell MP When I published Labour’s policy on free broadband in November 2019 I said “It’s about large numbers of children being able to do their homework properly, and have the speed of connectivity.” The BBC described it as Broadband Communism. Interesting how relevant it’s now become. Isn’t it just? Mind you… Read more