The Inclusive Development Index

At Progressive Pulse we have never been a fan of GDP or GDP per capita as a measure of the economic well-being of a country. There has been some discussion regarding median income being a very useful measure. A better measure perhaps is the Inclusive Development Index (IDI) which is billed as “a measure of… Read more

Obesity Hotspots

This is the disturbing picture for obesity in England showing that really the whole country is a hotspot for obesity. It is true the sugar tax is coming, but by the time it arrives the overwhelming majority of soft drinks will have switched largely if not completely, to some sort of sugar substitute and it… Read more

It’s all in the vocabulary

Australia started it in the form of a small tax rebate in 2009, and it seems that South Korea and Russia are next. What is it? So called helicopter money. It is true that in Australia the amount was small and to every tax payer – whereas the Russian and Korean versions are targeted at… Read more

Property – up, up and away

There are some rather old but devastating trends in this ‘Positive Money’ chart (click to enlarge):   Housing stock and population growth are completely divorced from either house prices or mortgage lending. As I suspected before, the housing market is one that is completely dysfunctional. When our nurses cannot even obtain a secure home we… Read more

Electric cars – not so fast

I have suggested before that electric cars were not quite the panacea they seem to have become for our politicians. I know President Macron said he wanted French cars all electric by 2040 (although India thinks they’ll have the same 10 years earlier). And Britain copied the French timetable. So far so aspirational. But in… Read more