A dream address

So who should rightfully have their head office in this ‘cul de sac’ about a mile from the centre of Leeds?

I can think of numerous candidates but far be it from me…


  1. Sean Danaher -

    I can indeed think of a few likely residents, but I suspect BJ is the most deserving candidate.

    Talking of desirable residences I was at Fallodon Hall Northumberland yesterday; the ancestral home of the Grey’s (I was there as part of the RGS open garden scheme). Two of the most famous members of the family are Earl Grey who was PM when slavery was abolished (also known for his tea) and Edward who was Foreign Secretary in the lead up to the 1st world war famous for his quote “The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time”

    One thing that broke the tranquility was the rumble of fast trains on the east coast main line. I then discovered that they had their own private station on the estate and power to make trains stop on request; by sending a message to the station master at Berwick. Edward used to catch the night sleeper to Kings Cross; have his bed all made up to his exacting standards, ready prepared for him to pop down to Westminster. The good old days for the rich and powerful. Soon to return?

  2. Peter May -

    And there was me just thinking it would surely suit Northern Rail…

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