Press for Champagne and weep for the country

Child benefits are being cut and the number of homeless is rapidly increasing but thank goodness for property developers Enstar Capital, and architects such as Stiff + Trevillion, who are rebuilding 40 Beak Street in London’s Soho.

All floors of the offices – for of course it will be offices – will have access to refreshments via “waiter style lifts” (whatever they are – dumb waiters perhaps? Do the developers and architects realise that waiters don’t actually go in them – well not unless they are really dumb. I can speak from experience having travelled in one during a misspent youth. If you can, I certainly do not recommend doing this at home.)
Further it seems that the offices will be equipped with buttons labelled ‘Press for Champagne’. What an extraordinary technical advance. The architects say that “Enstar Capital want their developments to be exemplary.”
An example to whom they do not say but to me this is a clear example of a society hurtling towards some sort of collapse.