Ivan Horrocks

Ivan is an interdisciplinary social scientist with a background in government, politics and policy studies who has “migrated” into the discipline of technology and innovation management. He currently occupies the post of Senior Lecturer in Technology Management in the School of Engineering and Innovation at the Open University (OU), UK. He holds a PhD in policy, politics, IT and organisational change, a degree in public administration, and a diploma in policy studies.  His primary research interests have long focused on the role, relationship and impact of new technologies on government and public administration and organisations and management more generally. As well as authoring and co-authoring academic papers on a wide range of topics he has taught government and politics at undergraduate level and also authored postgraduate teaching material on such subjects as, politics and power; the development of e-government; the leadership of IT projects and programmes in the public sector; research design, application and methods; and various topics falling under the umbrella of technological innovation, strategy and management. Prior to becoming an academic in the early 1990s Ivan worked in policy/project/community development in the voluntary sector and local government in Manchester, South Wales and Nottingham. He has also worked for British Rail, the National Coal Board/British Coal, Pirelli and WH Smiths. In his spare time Ivan is a keen dinghy sailor and gardener.