1. Graham -

    Maybe he’s self-injected that vaccine with the Bill Gates mind controlling microchip?

    1. Peter May -


  2. B. Gray -

    Very funny post but unfortunately misses the point. Of course a singular cow does not emit more “pollution” than a car, but the cattle industry in the U.S., including cows (i.e. enteric gas) and related agricultural processes (feed type/production, soil management, and manure management), produce about 563 MMT net CO2 equivalent per annum based on EPA data. There are about 94 million head of cattle in the U.S. so the equivalent CO2 emission per cow per year is about 6 MT, compared to an average automobile that emits 4.7 MT per year. Bill Gates would appear to be correct.

    1. Peter May -

      Agreed that Gates is indeed in all likelihood correct for the US..

      But it is, I suggest, decidedly not transferable to the often (and with management, always, year round grasslands of the UK).where in fact cow dung helps fertilise soil and even prevent erosion.

      We need to get back to a ‘rotational’ and mixed system of farming!

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