Personal Protection Equipment – continued

This is from Friday evening 17 April.

This short television interview is damning, showing yet again that suppliers have offered to source further quantities but that government has completely failed to take up their offer :

Meanwhile in Scotland and Wales:

So Scotland and Wales with their devolved governments can manage equipment supplies but England cannot.


There is only one reason I can think of and that is that Scotland and Wales have not destroyed their health services by privatisation and fragmentation.

So whilst all services look similar to the patient, their inner workings are very different. Whilst they all aim to offer care free to the patient and also Personal Protection Equipment for their staff the difference between the Nationalised and Privatised NHS is that in the Nationalised Health Service the Personal Protection Equipment has arrived.

This is the hard evidence that privatisation is a blind alley and that a simpler, unfragmented, nationalised service works much better.


  1. Richard Bond -

    Do you know anyone who is donating PPE to the NHS and Social Care systems?

    I know it shouldn’t come to this, but if this guy can get supplies in, surely all he needs is funding and a charitable intermediary. I’d happily make a contribution.

    If we cannot trust the Govt to do it, and that is the unhappy conclusion, community spirit may be all the NHS and social care has left to rely on.

    1. Peter May -

      There definitely are various crowdfunded schemes out there – I’ve even given to one myself but I seem to have lost the link but this one looks promising:

      1. Richard Bond -


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