Perhaps the ‘Chinese virus’ is American after all…

There is a very interesting Facebook post here, suggesting that Coronavirus is a result of the Americans in China.

It is for certain that the rate of infection is woefully understated in the US and there were some supposedly out of the blue occurences in Seattle.

I have friends in Lombardia, whose son suffered from very severe ‘flu’ last December, and who had previously been hobnobbing with American visitors, so I’m perhaps over influenced by the idea.

We still have to explain – if it is indeed the case – whether warm blood butchery, as undertaken in Chinese food markets, is dangerous.

Most of us would think it is – and morally repugnant to boot, but what if it is dangerous only to those unaccostomed to it – such as Americans – or indeed any non locals.

When lockdown is unlocked we shall have time to investigate.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump, we really should downplay its uncertain origins.


  1. Samuel Johnson -

    Not American or Chinese really, human.

    Laurie Garrett (author of The Coming Plague, 1994) used the term “Revenge of the rainforest” – – a better take than which country any disease originated. Nature is capable of a Malthusian reaction if sufficiently provoked. We have proven incapable of voluntarily doing what is needed to sustain biodiversity. Alas, the poor will suffer most.

  2. Peter May -

    Thanks for the link – interesting piece. Confirms what somebody also pointed out that with humans composing 90% or whatever the exact figure is – of animal mass in the world they are the best as well as the most commonly occuring target….

  3. Brenda Steele -

    You might be interested in this: Dr. Greger Told Us About Coronavirus Risk In 2008

    Looks to me that it might have originated anywhere where factory farming is done on a large scale.

    That would seem to put both the USA and China under the spotlight.

    1. Richard B -

      Brenda – Thanks, fascinating lecture.

      I’ve now stopped watching the media because I’m sick of the lies. I wonder if anyone has seen the factory farm explanation on TV?

      Our Govt can’t stop lying, even about such basics as death rates.

      Does anyone have any confidence that anything, like farming regulation or eating habits will change after lockdown ends? I have none whatsoever.

    2. Jeremy GH -

      A thought I had while watching was that we long ago found that overcrowded city slums were unhealthy: long at the factory farms, they are slums for animals – and it’s to be expected that they will be just as unhealthy.

      1. Graham -

        Cities were touted as the “efficient” place to live, everything needed just round the corner, all the transport connections, lively, vital, touchy-feely places. While living in the countryside was a burden on everyone else.

        But cities are also incubators.

  4. Jeremy GH -

    Sorry, typo, ‘long at’ should be ‘looking at’.

    1. Peter May -

      Very good points both. Thank you.

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