Food is Healthcare ..

Mentioning the Pioppi Diet to a couple in passing the other day, ‘Well’, they said, pretty much in unison, ‘you know what they say…’

As I didn’t, I thought I’d share the reply:

“Food is basically Healthcare, Medicine is certainly not Healthcare, Medicine is Sickcare.”

Now we all know  – and if we don’t, there is an accessible presentation here on the unnecessary foods that are, in fact, making us sick, often requiring us to take medicines to counteract their effects.

It is woeful that our government still appears not to understand this.


  1. Graham -

    Don’t know who said it, but if diet books worked, we’d only need one. The Pioppi is basically a variation of the Mediterranean diet. The British Nutrition Foundation responded to this blaze of publicity ( but made the point that the UK’s Eatwell Guide is a good starting point and that “the issue is not that healthy eating dietary guidelines are wrong but that people are not following them”.

    I’m occasionally forced into a supermarket and am amazed at the amount of junk “food” people load into their trolleys, oblivious to or ignorant of the Eatwell Guide or even Pioppi.

  2. Peter May -

    It is clearly a variation of the Med diet but with quite a few important provisos – reduce carbohydrate intake, avoid anything low fat because it is invariably high sugar, avoid refined sugar and veg is better than fruit. Fat is generally good for you so you can bring on the clotted cream!
    At least that is what I take from it….
    Oh and Tom Watson thinks it works
    Could you have a better endorsement?!!

  3. Kevin O'Connell -

    Peter, I think you have hit the nail on the head.

    The ‘eatwell’ plate is a nonsense (largely carbohydrate and a lot of junk carb at that). Zoe Harcombe (almost always worth a read) rechristened it the ‘eatbadly’ plate.

    IIRC the BNF is nutrition’s equivalent of Legatum/IEA.

    1. Peter May -

      Thank you. ( Agree re Zoe Harcombe). Have a lot of sympathy with that!

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