Trump to visit Paris on le quatorze juillet

It seems to have been little reported but Donald Trump is to visit Paris on the 14th of July.

There is much discussion on how and why this is before he visits Britain, which the French consider unusual but also where there seems to be some opposition to his visiting…

For us in the UK, at least that may mean that the British Prime Minister will be rather less distracted.

But this visit would seem to suggest that Macron is Blair.2

We can only hope that his handshake is as firm as it was alleged to be before  – and that he doesn’t on any account hold hands.

Otherwise he might have the DUP to answer to.


  1. Sean Danaher -

    Indeed the DUP, the Republicans and especially the Tea Party have a lot in common. They are just the sort of splendid chaps who would vote Trump and “Make America Great Again.” Rather than sending the Loyalists back to England (which has changed a bit since the 17th century) I’m sure they would feel very much at home in parts of the American heartland. Indeed some sort of assisted passage scheme to the “Bible Belt” should be seriously looked at.

  2. Geoff -

    It could be a smart move by Macron on two counts. On the one hand, it reassures potential American tourists to France that it is a safe place to visit. The American press and media have consistently held up France, and Paris in particular, as unsafe and not a place to visit.
    Secondly, it puts Trump right in the ‘Paris Climate Deal’ lion’s den. Macron is clearly wanting to take the moral high-ground here, pushing the green agenda is one of his central tenets in government.
    With the EU talking about a European defence force, after Trump saying he would no longer support Europe to the same degree, I suspect they also need to sound out what Trump actually means.
    On the other hand French citizens do like a good reason to protest, what could be better than a State visit from that bastard. I hope he gives him a lesson in fraternity!

    1. Peter May -

      I think you’re quite right about it being a smart move. It also suggests Macron has got a lot of drive – he’s only been there five minutes and already Trump is visiting him. Let’s hope Trump is used to the sound of 14th July fireworks…

  3. Ivan Horrocks -

    Peter, given Trumps latest Twitter outburst against Mika Brezinski (the female half of the ‘Morning Joe’ team: in which he demonstrates, yet again, the depth of his sexism and misogyny – conveniently forgotten by most of the media since he became president – as well as, equally appallingly, the depths to which he’s dragged the office of the US President, I was hoping that Macron would withdraw the invitation. While I appreciate that heads of state have to ‘play politics’ the constant acceptance/deafening silence on his disgusting way does no other world leader credit. They simply end up in the same cess pit from which Trump emerged. So, if Macron really wants to make a mark and show a ‘new’ side to French politics he’d withdraw the invitation.

    1. Peter May -

      I fear Macron is too new to withdraw the invite – but – in view of that hard handshake! – I think he might still surprise us.
      Mind you, he has apparently cancelled the customary 14th July President’s question and answer session with journalists. He has given as the reason that his ideas aren’t suitable for this sort of encounter. It’s either pretty high handed or he thinks Mr Trump will give him too much to think about…

    2. Sean Danaher -

      even for Trump this is a new low; its an appalling story. There was a lot on angst in Ireland regarding Enda Kenny’s visit to the White House for the St Patrick’s Day celebrations; its a tradition going back to the 1950s. The jury is still out on his visit with the highlight being his White House speech. Some hail it as as triumph, others as a almost racist. At least we don’t seem to be getting the State Visit to the UK soon – the vision of Trump and May hand in hand still haunts me.

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