“Moralement irréprochable”

I’m sure I don’t need to translate this, but it was the reason Emmanuel Macron gave for delaying the announcement of his Prime Minister’s cabinet.

He wanted to ensure they were all on the straight and narrow.

How refreshing!

As French Presidents are immune from prosecution, the story is littered with prosecutions (some successful, some not) when they are out of office – up to and including Sarkozy.

Hollande was remarkable in that apart from his sexual adventures via a scooter with Presidential protection he has had no financial scandals at all.

Macron may be the heir to Blair but he seems to have a moral compass that is encouraging for France. And with current UK government ministers having their multiple private industry contacts, also for the Royaume Uni.

Perhaps we might see that morality could be a vote winner. With Britain’s past and (up to now at least) current privatisation fetish, Brexit or not, Neoliberalism or not, we could and should take note.


  1. Sean Danaher -

    Indeed. Possibly I am being too cynical but it seems that many of the Torys in particular may be compromised by their private sector interests.

  2. nick james -

    You’re not alone, Sean.

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