Epitome of Climate Change

I was intrigued by this commentary – which relates not to the normal preoccupations of Progressive Pulse but to what used to be my own preoccupations.

Global warming is having a considerable impact on vine growing.

Yes, Britain is benefitting to some extent from global climate warming so Pinot Noir, the difficult and sole grape of most red Burgundy is now a grape that can in England, also actually be considered for red wine – whereas previously it was only considered as a grape for sparkling wines (good flavour and acidity but remaining pretty unripe in England’s climate – with little or no colour).

Of course Pinot Noir is also one of the constituent grapes of Champagne, where the climate is – or used to be – also often too cool for ripeness.

But what the linked article is most concerned about is that Bordeaux winemakers are actually looking at hybrid grape types to enable them to function in the future.

Bordeaux has produced wine since Roman times – and probably before.

That the area is finding it increasingly problematic to produce wine in their tradition may end up being an unimportant footnote in history but for me it is the remarkable epitome of climate change…

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