European Union

Scientists for EU is a campaign by UK scientists to keep the UK in the EU. Science is vital for the UK’s economy and quality of life. Science is also at the heart of global, social challenges that face us all. They believe that we can achieve so much more good for the UK and the world from within the EU.

DiEM25 is a pan-European, cross-border movement of democrats. Europeans are losing their faith in the possibility of European solutions to European problems. At the same time as faith in the EU is waning, we see a rise of misanthropy, xenophobia and toxic nationalism. If this development is not stopped, we fear a return to the 1930s. That is why we have come together despite our diverse political traditions – Green, radical left, liberal – in order to repair the EU. The EU needs to become a realm of shared prosperity, peace and solidarity for all Europeans. We must act quickly, before the EU disintegrates.

We are a group of over 5500 UK citizens living in France, campaigning for the UK to remain in the EU and for the protection of the rights of UK citizens living in Europe after the referendum of June 2016. Equally, we support the rights of EU citizens living in the UK.

Our only aim is to work to protect the best interests of UK citizens living in the EU and EU citizens living in the UK following the British Referendum of 23 June 2016. Expat Citizen Rights in EU does not seek to make political points and does not support any political party or group. We do not campaign for ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’. We just want the best outcome for expat citizens whatever the outcome of Brexit.

In Facts is dedicated to making the most of post-referendum Britain – fighting against a destructive Brexit and campaigning to pull the UK together whether Brexit happens or not.

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