Wrong number…

I’m a sometimes friend of Russ in Cheshire

He’s written an excellent speech that Boris Johnson (linked again here) should have given. And yet the Prime Minister and his Civil Servants haven’t. I’m sure the Civil Servants are capable of writing a better speech than Johnson gave – but they do need ministerial approval.

We seem to have a vacuous Prime Minister convinced that his vacuity has considerable and popular, importance.

I’d suggest Johnson is actually decidedly frightened of spending the money for those enormous furloughed employee numbers stretching off into the distance. He likes Greek poetry and not government resources.

HR gave him the wrong job.

Or perhaps it might even have been the Tory Party…

Other than household economics goes completely against his upbringing – he’ll know that economos in Greek means a household…

He’s great on classical poetry and Greek, and even sometimes, I suggest, on English rhetoric, but he actually has no idea how the economy – or even most people – work.

In short, he is the wrong leader.

And also at the wrong time.


  1. B Gray -

    Thanks, that’s a speech we would all like to hear. While criticisms of Boris Johnson are well justified, he is is at least marginally better than what we are dealing with here in the states. The PM certainly isn’t pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories, advocating drinking disinfectant, or inciting armed insurrection against political rivals, so that’s a plus for the UK.

    1. Peter May -

      I have to agree. Johnson is indeed better than Trump – but I fear that isn’t a great consolation!
      Am I alone in hoping Trump might take his own advice on disinfectant drinking – he seems now to be surrounded with people suffering from the ‘plague’?

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