When is the Conservative poverty handbook being published?

The Tory MP Lee Anderson has recently opined that producing a meal for 30p a head is perfectly possible.

Though clearly not for him.

He supports a government who spent £37 billion to manage test and trace but somehow that wasn’t enough to make it work.

So having continued to support that government in relentless attacks on the least well-off we now have this MP on £80k or so a year – plus subsidised restaurants and expenses, telling the poor that they are no good at meal preparation and especially not at being poor.

Conservatives really do need to produce a manual to impart all the correct skills to economical cooking and maintaining a dignified life in poverty, most of which, of course, they purposely created.

No wonder Jack Monroe feels spurrred into action once more. I particularly liked this paragraph:

It pains me to have to point out that a Government so hellbent on pushing personal fiscal responsibility back onto the individuals suffering under their tenure, are so adamantly reluctant to bear any responsibility themselves for the swingeing cuts to support services and financial assistance that they have placed upon the most vulnerable shoulders with twelve years of austerity ideology and the damning, damaging decimation of any dregs of public service or duty of care.

I fear the Conservatives, with the overwhelming support of the right wing press, still cleverly trade on the idea that voting to support their own privilege will actually make you one of them.

A significant minority of people still seem to fall for the cognitive dissonance of “If I’m voting Tory, I must be doing well.”

But voting for the party of the rich and powerful makes you neither.

In the end it would be better for voters to do, not what Conservatives say, but themselves do relentlessly – and simply vote in their own interests.

Because there are more of us than them…


    1. Peter May -

      I agree. Hannan is a menace and gave a bogus view of Brexit a long time ago (since deleted) http://www.progressivepulse.org/brexit/our-future-our-choice.
      I was first fascinated how he could imagine that the Brits invented freedom. But he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer – although all too plausible – and now he supports a government that that is disinventing most of the limited freedom we thought we had….

  1. Schofield -

    “In the end it would be better for voters to do, not what Conservatives say, but themselves do relentlessly – and simply vote in their own interests.”

    How many though have the analytical ability of Richard Murphy and reach the conclusion in his post today that the Bank of England is a pretty useless entity in determining the nation’s economic well-being?


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