Well there’s an idea

Buy two and get charged two and a half times as much!

Problem solved.

Tesco and Aldi please note…


  1. Richard B -


  2. Peter May -

    Only wrong by a factor of ten…
    Still even I knew it was more expensive to buy two!!

  3. Graham -

    I thinks it’s unforgivable that supermarkets haven’t done more to curb anti-social hoarding. A neighbour heard one shopper, who had 3 lettuces say to the checkout operator, “I’ll probably end up throwing half of it away”. Another shopper had a load of pasta at the checkout, while an elderly lady said “she couldn’t get even one”.

  4. Peter May -

    I suggest it is not really up to supermarkets to supervise distribution – they have a money making purpose…
    A long time ago, I’ve worked there and some can be quite good at social policy sometimes – but it isn’t their primary purpose…
    The government should be in charge – though because of ‘markets’ it still seems to think it isn’t!

  5. MigT -

    Apparently there’s been panic-buying of sausage and cheese in Germany.

    It’s the Wurst Käse scenario.

  6. Peter May -


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