US budget committee chair gets it

The government is not a household:

Earlier in the interview (at 2 minutes 15) he says he thinks the American people need education in how the monetary system works. But all of it is worth watching.

I wonder would Mel Stride, Chairman of the UK Treasury Select Committee, be as capable of giving a similar explanation?

And if he was, would he want to?


  1. MigT -

    There.. it sounds perfectly sensible when a politician just says it out loud.

    Even the UK Labour Party might get it in another 50 years. If it still exists.

    1. Schofield -

      I’d personally go for a 100 years before it moves beyond the Thatcher mantra of “spending other people’s money”:-

      How can you tell this? Hardly a peep about the fact a recent report states which states “Houses have rarely been more expensive relative to earnings than they are today in more than 120 years”:-

      The people sure are having to spend lots of their own money to get the basics like a roof over their heads!

      Such ideological irony in abundance in the UK and has been for decades and with the Labour Party strangely quiet on the subject!

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