Tories say that UK is open for investment but not for exploitation

The interesting proposal to protect UK companies essential to public health from foreign takeover is long overdue and does show that even the current government has actually learnt something….

Maybe they could also learn that the ‘free’ market should not be allowed to be quite so free and that the UK should have considerable, sustainable and diverse home based industry .

This will be fundamentally important after Brexit, and even more so after any (disastrous) ‘no deal’, when Britain will be trying, one presumes, to plough her own furrow,

Currently, given that Britain is ‘in transition’ (perhaps, oh dear, gender neutral?) specifically British trade regulation agreements are unlikely to materialise. Who would negotiate until they were sure Britain was actually outside the EU? The danger of inadvertantly granting a concession to Britain that had not been granted to a market six or seven times the size would surely not be worth the bother?

Britain will have to realise that specialisation in one., or even a few, things does not work in a nation state – even in one of a population of 63 million or so. And it is particularly destructive when its specialisation is finance.

The same Guardian article says that:

The UK is open for investment but not for exploitation,” Sharma said, adding that the financial impact of the pandemic “may mean that some businesses are more susceptible to takeovers.

Whereas surely the UK has previously been open for exploitation ever since financialsation and private equity happened – never mind ‘globalisation’.

The ‘free market’ actually needs control.

Who knew that this was actually Conservatism?