Things go better – with water

I think there are lots of inspired ideas suggested in this forty minute conversation – here on how (amongst others) to tame the soft drink trade.

The ace that struck me was that we should tax Coca Cola and Pepsi on all their soft drinks – and as both companies own water brands, we should also subsidise those waters to the same extent that soft drink brands are taxed.

Thus very limited commercial financial complaints are possible – either from the company, who will benefit if they sell more water, but won’t if they sell more soft drinks. But as they own both, that is ‘freely’ up to them.

Now these people in the linked video are skillful doctors but we very much know on ProgressivePulse that of course the economy doesn’t actually work as they suggest. But nonetheless it seems to me that this idea would, as our doctors opine actually be largely a win-win – as it would facilitate the ‘sell’ to the corporate world….

It might mean people like Evian owned by Danone, or Buxton, owned by Nestlé would need to be ‘compensatorily’ sorted out, since, as far as I am aware, they own little or nothing in the soft drink sphere – so it might offer an opportunity to bring down sugar and sweetness in Nestlé confectionary or Danone yoghurt instead.

Nonetheless a simple local Spring Water would probably need a rebate. It would take a sea change for a large company to realise that taxes don’t pay for spending – simply because they (like many of us – but probably even more difficult if you are at the top of the tree) never think about it…

But there would be the basics of a plan- by ‘looking after’ the current big incumbents – and necessarily after them the small ones, to change the population’s damaging drink and food intake.

And as we know we do not tax and spend – but we could subsidise local spring waters in order to help them compete with the big brand version.

Of course bottled water, in transport and climate change terms, is less than ideal. But we have to start somewhere.

Having made Cola an expensive delicacy, and water a cheap commodity, there might be a corresponding opportunity to bring public water supply (where shamefully South West Water is the only English water company that is not foreign owned) into common ownership in due course when these companies find that bottled water is so cheap it is beginning to affect profits…


  1. davy green -

    We know fizzy soft drinks and hot food takeaways are not good for our health-This could easily be solved by punitive taxation.Over to you Mr Johnson and Mr Sunak

  2. Graham -

    Bottled water has to be the biggest scam on the planet, or at least in Britain. The stuff that comes out of the taps is pretty good and for those with the taste buds of a Master Whisky Blender it can easily be filtered.

    1. Peter May -

      I do so agree! But please don’t tell Coca -Cola…

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